Green Streams Leverages SmartSight Platform for Streaming Intelligence

Green Streams has integrated the SmartSight platform from MediaMelon within its end-to-end IPTV & OTT platform. This new Best-In-Class Platform-As-A-Service model has been designed to help operators rapidly reach their goals using best in class modular features, full HD and 4K workflows, and flexible monetization.

There is no doubt that precision data is the vital fuel for the video streaming business model. This is true for all functional teams in a streaming business—everyone from operations, product management, marketing, and customer service teams are key consumers of the intelligence generated by stream delivery and consumption. Green Streams, as a premier IPTV & OTT platform, is a keen advocate of streaming intelligence—for both its own operations and as part of a suite of tools that its own client base can use for optimizing their own business metrics.

GS-Logo(1200x700)Green Streams was co-founded in 2021 by industry veteran Gernot Jaeger to deliver a flexible IPTV & OTT backend platform that integrates deeply and smoothly with “Best-In-Breed” partners for key components. This includes frontend applications, metadata, recommendation as well as QoS/QoE analytics. With this approach, Green Streams can launch advanced IPTV / OTT products quickly and cost efficiently while achieving “Best-In-Breed” quality standards.

“For our customers, who are mainly network operators, it is key to get a 360 degree observability and transparency on their actual end customer experience”, says Green Streams’ CEO Gernot Jaeger. “By teaming up with MediaMelon and by integrating their technology deeply with our IPTV & OTT platform, we are able to provide our customers with exactly this 360 degree observability”.

The MediaMelon SmartSight platform provides a complete and compelling analytics offering for such multi-tenant service operators. The SmartSight platform offers a comprehensive data-gathering and analysis platform with a full API suite that permits integration within the Green Streams service offering and can be aligned with the rest of the client tool suite in day-to-day operations. Green Streams’s customers can now access a range of SmartSight capabilities via their existing Green Streams relationship. Behind the scenes, Green Streams and MediaMelon work closely to align feature roadmaps and roll-out of client integrations to increase the depth and breadth of the end-to-end solution.

“We built the SmartSight platform to be a pivot point for intelligent data collection and analysis in streaming delivery systems, and architected the platform in a way that makes it easy to integrate within more comprehensive end-to-end applications, “ said Kumar Subramanian, founder and CEO of MediaMelon. “We are excited by the use of SmartSight within the Green Streams ecosystem offering a powerful, yet flexible set of analytic solutions that can become an organic part of their own value proposition.”

About Green Streams

Green Streams GmbH is the world’s first IPTV & OTT TV platform that integrates 100% “Best-In-Class” modules into a true Platform-As-A-Service model. The mission of Green Streams is to help network operators and ambitious OTT players launch and operate truly outstanding TV products. With this goal in mind, Green Streams built a TV backend platform specifically for the integration with “Best-In-Breed” partners for key modules like frontend applications, metadata, personalisation & recommendation, QoS & QoE analytics and targeted advertising. This approach allows Green Streams to help their customers reach highly ambitious business goals.

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