Travelxp Focuses on Quality of Experience with SmartSight

Mumbai & San Francisco – MediaMelon is pleased to announce the deployment of its award-winning SmartSight platform for Travelxp, the world’s first 4K HDR streaming travel channel. Travelxp is introducing a new way to analyze and optimize delivery of its vast travel programming catalog to a growing consumer base with the use of the SmartSight QoE and SmartSight Ads tools across the broadest range of consumer delivery platforms.

For years, the Travelxp network has entertained, educated and inspired viewers through varied genres of travel such as nature, food, culture and adventure. The Travelxp app is taking this experience to a new level. Hundreds of original travel stories are already available in English, Hindi as well as two Indian regional languages—Tamil & Bengali. With the constant addition of new content, users are guaranteed to find something new every time they visit the service.

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“Following successful mobile and smart Tv app launches, we are anxious to maintain and enhance our viewer experiences. With 4K content now expected by the Indian audience, we are extremely happy to be the first to provide best in class, 4K travel shows across the country. We hope to ignite the love for travel amongst all” said Travelxp CEO, Tanay Chothani.

SmartSight offers new clarity in the video analytics solution for Travelxp, including real-time dashboard visibility of last-mile viewer session information across the network, and an ability to drill down to microscopic detail for specific devices, streams and delivery issues. Travelxp appreciates the new in-depth understanding of service activity at every user device, powering the ability to resolve issues and improve viewer quality of experience as they grow their business.

“We built the SmartSight platform to drive streaming intelligence and improve business outcomes,“ commented Kumar Subamanian, founder and CEO of MediaMelon. “We are excited by the use of SmartSight for Travelxp and look forward to optimizing and enhancing platform use to help elevate all aspects of the consumer experience.”

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About Travelxp

Travelxp is more than a TV channel. It is also the ideal travel partner. Exciting discounts on flights, hotels and vacation bookings make Travelxp the app where wanderlust is rewarded and travel is at the user’s fingertips. Subscribers get 5% off on flights and 10% off on bookings. Since its launch last year, the Travelxp app is all set to be the one-stop solution to all travel needs and requirements. Visit

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