CEO Kumar Subramanian Featured at Beet Retreat Conference

San Juan, PR is the location and Beet Retreat is the event. This exclusive conference is focused on driving growth, for media owners and advertisers, looking at the priorities ahead for the industry as it looks to unlock the full commercial potential of advanced advertising. The event offers a unique opportunity for senior executives to talk, candidly and openly, about what needs to happen – helping to set the agenda for the next several years.

Beet RetreatThe Friday session of this exclusive conference on March 18th, titled "The Partnership Imperative for an Effective Digital Media Ecosystem," features CEO Kumar Subramanian on a panel with other industry notables:

Valerie Bischak from Amobee
Lauren Schweitzer from DISH Media,
Neil Smith
from 1plusX,
Tom St. John from Beachfront,
Matt McLeggon from Magnite
Christa Carone from Infillion

The topic covers the sweep of the new media ecosystem. With Smart TV’s now well established in the mass market, TV’s potential as a marketing channel is being transformed. TV now offers a data-rich ecology, with a dynamic programmatic supply chain and a plethora of new services, opening up a new world of engagement for media owners and advertisers, with innovations in the user experience and advanced ad-tech integrations promising to increase efficiency and revenue. However, partnerships, interoperability and connectivity are critical to the success of the TV market, but is the industry pulling apart rather than together? As TV companies roll out their own measurement solutions, buying platforms and walled gardens, does the TV industry need a new wave of cooperation and collaboration to drive future growth? Does the industry have the right incentives and initiatives in place to reduce friction, increase alignment, improve transparency and safeguard consumer privacy?

Perhaps we will see you in San Juan?🌴

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