Zype Benefits from OVP Deployment of SmartSight Streaming Intelligence

MediaMelon’s SmartSight tools are built as components that can be integrated in OVP solutions other end-to-end video publishing platforms to address a critical content publisher demand. Zype, a leading video API and infrastructure platform, offers a powerful use-case of such integration using MediaMelon’s SmartSight features to offer customer-facing video analytics dashboards that enable business optimization for its publisher customers.The SmartSight streaming intelligence approach is enabling all types of streaming service to optimize their value propositions. Zype, a leading video API and infrastructure platform, uses SmartSight features to help monitor and optimize their end-to-end video service. They also enable video analytics dashboard creation by their publisher customers that helps drive business optimization for each individual streaming service.


“We highly value the SmartSight technology developed by MediaMelon, and the sophisticated streaming delivery intelligence that it can produce. We saw an advantage in integrating this resource into our dashboard to not only help our publisher clients easily monitor content engagement and analytics from a user-friendly interface, but also to allow our Support team to monitor our Customers’ content to ensure optimal stream performance and quality of service."

Michael Smith, Director of Support at Zype

OVP-Particular Account

The SmartSight offering for OVPs is architected for seamless integration with end-to-end streaming service platforms, providing rapid point-of-failure visibility and automated insights for optimizing viewership, engagement, and business KPIs. At the same time, the intelligent design of our streaming intelligence platform enables scaling across large audiences while maintaining low unit costs, and leveraging the best practices in using AWS cloud infrastructure services.

You can read more about Zype at zype.com

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