HESP Alliance Welcomes MediaMelon Membership

The HESP Alliance today announced that MediaMelon, provider of SmartSight streaming intelligence solutions, has joined the HESP Alliance. MediaMelon will offer its proven SmartSight analytics and streaming business improvement tools to extend the marketplace for high efficiency streaming services and will participate in activities shaping the future of scalable sub-second latency live streaming through the High-Efficiency Streaming Protocol (“HESP”).

The MediaMelon SmartSight solution now can provide tools for systematic improvement of high efficiency streaming experiences, including new latency dashboards for HESP services, in conjunction with other SmartSight streaming intelligence functionality. The SmartSight SDK has been integrated and tested in combination with HESP compatible video players and is a straightforward deployment option for media companies struggling with analysis of latency and channel change time variation across device types, delivery networks and stream configurations.

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The HESP Alliance aims to accelerate standardization and large-scale adoption of high efficiency streaming through HESP. Alliance members can license the technology; integrate it into their video packaging and playback solutions; and develop and share HESP extensions to drive further innovation. A verification program for HESP solutions ensures interoperability across packaging, playback and CDN solutions and provides peace of mind for media companies deploying high efficiency streaming services.

Latency multi-stream“We are excited to join the HESP Alliance and look forward to actively shaping the future of HESP deployment,” says Kumar Subramanian, Chief Executive Officer at MediaMelon. “In joining the Alliance, we can improve the depth and reach of SmartSight tools to help partners and content owners with deployment of premium, high efficiency streaming services.”

Steven Tielemans, CEO at THEO Technologies and President of the HESP Alliance, adds: "We are pleased to have MediaMelon, as streaming intelligence provider, join the HESP Alliance. We look forward to working together with MediaMelon to measure the benefits of HESP, and easily make these insights available to media companies adopting high efficiency streaming."

About HESP Alliance

The HESP Alliance, founded by Synamedia and THEO Technologies, brings together streaming video vendors and media companies to provide superior online video quality of experience at reduced cost through standardizing and advancing the High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP) and marketing of HESP solutions.

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