MediaMelon Takes A Partner-centric Approach for IBC 2022

The MediaMelon team is  pleased to be in Amsterdam again, coming to the IBC 2022 event with a refreshed positioning and a focus on how we can actively enable our partner ecosystem with our streaming intelligence solutions. Let's find a time to talk about what's new at MediaMelon and how our solutions can help power the growth of your business.

IBC 2022

At this show, the company will have a distinct focus on technical and commercial partnerships. This includes all the ways in which SmartSight technology can be integrated within a range of commercial solutions to generate an overall more complete product value proposition and improved commercial traction for all parties.

The SmartSight platform has been architected with this type of component-to-component integration very much front of mind. The SmartSight SDK is lightweight enough to become a standard component of open source and commercial video players alike. But as well as operating as a vital source of last mile instrumentation, has QBR features capable of operating to actively optimize stream delivery. The API-first nature of the SmartSight data platform creates a natural data and tool integration point for complete end-to-end delivery systems. We are also deepening our partnership with AWS to offer SmartSight as a cloud native component of larger system integrations.

We plan on highlighting some of these successful partnerships as we get closer to the event, but we can go deeper into the overall approach if we have a chance to meet.

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Meet the MediaMelon team at one of the busiest video technology and media events on the industry calendar! The event brings an unprecedented opportunity to take the pulse of the marketplace and research your next operational investments.

The SmartSight platform and its sophisticated tools offer new clarity in the video analytics solution for customers and partners. Naturally, this includes real-time dashboard visibility of last-mile viewer session information across the network, and an ability to drill down to microscopic detail for specific devices, streams and delivery issues. Our partners especially value a new in-depth understanding of service activity that they can offer their publishers for every end-user device, powering the ability to resolve issues and improve viewer quality of experience as their their business grows.The team at MediaMelon will be pleased to demonstrate how we can help improve your service delivery and viewer QoE.

Enjoy the delights of an extended weekend this world-class city and take a step forward in streaming business optimization. Let us know your meeting preferences and we will reserve a time to discuss the value that MediaMelon can bring to your enterprise. Set Your Meeting Preferences


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